One Service Verano

Del 2 de junio al 18 de agosto, 10 h

Anunciamos un servicio para este verano

Beginning Sunday, June 2, 10 am

Following the success and popularity of combining the CHBC family together for worship last summer, with joy, we're excited to return to ONE SERVICE ON SUNDAYS THIS SUMMER starting on June 2!

This intentional season brings with it: 

Pronounced fellowship with folks in the church whom don’t often rub shoulders due to attending different services.

Unity, singing, praying, and receiving God’s word all together with one another.

Togetherness, inviting every generation to worship together as one people, exemplifying a posture of worship to the youth and kids, and gleaning a worshipful childlike faith in return.

Rest for key ministry leaders and Kids Ministry volunteers. 

A lil more context...

Summer is one of our busier seasons for guests. Many people are moving to the area and looking for church families. Because our membership is often traveling during the summer, we think one service is a great way for a new individual, couple, or family to see our body and experience corporate worship together. The Holy Spirit and the truth of the Word of course is the energy of our gathered worship, but a full sanctuary of believers under the power of the Spirit and Word is a great way for people to first experience our body.

Common Questions

  • ¿Qué pasa con el Ministerio Infantil? En particular, nuestro Ministerio de Niños (KM) es algo que varios de ustedes pueden estar preguntándose. Estamos trabajando con nuestros líderes KM para asegurarse de que nada cambia en nuestra prioridad o esfuerzos con nuestros hijos. Nuestra filosofía para el Ministerio de Niños continuará siendo un modelo de discipulado de niños a través de esta sesión de verano. 
  • What about children with sensory concerns? If your child K-5th has sensory concerns and would be uncomfortable remaining in the Sanctuary for corporate worship, please reach out to Ashley Gyori for accommodations.
  • ¿Y nuestro equipo de hospitalidad? Este verano queremos mantener un espíritu de hospitalidad cálido y acogedor. Como tal, ofreceremos servicio de café de 9:30-9:55 am, animando a nuestros miembros a llegar para un tiempo de compañerismo antes del servicio. Póngase en contacto con Elizabeth Portnoy si está interesado en servir en el equipo de Conexiones.
  • What about our adult classes? Summer is usually a slower time for our adult classes. In fact, several of our classes already plan to take a break. For those that continue through the summer, they will meet from from 8:45-9:45 am. Be sure to reach out to Martin Shin with questions.

Adorar juntos en familia este verano

We're particularly excited about this summer for families at CHBC! From June 2 - August 18, parents along with their kid(s) (K-2nd) will be worshiping TOGETHER for the first half of our worship service before they’re dismissed to Kids Ministry. 3rd-5th grade kids will be with their families in the service throughout this summer. Our aim is to keep kids in mind with our worship service while also inviting them in to observe and participate in the regular corporate worship of the church.

Algunas de las cosas que ajustaremos son las siguientes

  • Lecturas corporativas - con especial atención a todas las generaciones,
  • Enseñar canciones significativas y cantables al alcance de todos,
  • Un uso coherente del elemento "Pasar la paz" (tanto para el compañerismo, como una oportunidad para desahogarse), y
  • Momentos participativos frecuentes, que ofrecen muchas oportunidades para seguir participando.
  • A weekly community worship guide will be available for 3rd-5th graders for pickup outside the Sanctuary doors.
  • También animamos a las familias a aprovechar el momento de dar, pasando las cestas, para enseñar a los niños a dar y como momento táctil de compromiso.

¿Tiene preguntas? Póngase en contacto con Geoff Grant (Pastor de Adoración).

Una llamada al discipulado de nuestros hijos este verano

Each Sunday, we will continue to provide age-appropriate teaching and small group and prayer time for our K-2nd grade kids after they attend the worship time in the service. This will allow us to continue our scope and sequence plan for teaching through the Bible, stay connected with the kids over the summer in small group time, help them participate in our Summer Scripture Challenge, and mission moments such as OCC packing Sundays while being a part of the service worship time with their family. Providing Kids Ministry in this way will also allow us to personally welcome and introduce visiting kids and their families to our ministry. 

As a Kids Ministry volunteer, we hope you can stay engaged with KM over the summer. If you are volunteering with K-2nd grade, this one-service format will allow you to attend the worship time and leave right before the sermon at a designated point in the service to disciple our kids for the remainder of the service time.

Si usted no está sirviendo actualmente en alguna capacidad en CHBC, te invitamos a participar en la misión de discipular a la próxima generación aquí en CHBC.