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Kids Ministry Sunday Coordinator Opening

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Employment Opportunity

Kids Ministry Sunday Coordinator (Part-Time)


To manage all check in operations on a Sunday morning, including training, development and encouragement of the volunteer team. 

Main Responsibilities:

  • Work with Kids Ministry Associate to be fully trained on all PCO and iPad system details. 
  • Communicate weekly with KM Associate about any problems/concerns that occur on Sunday. 
  • Develop working understanding of Gospel Project curriculum so can assist with printing needs including Big Picture Cards weekly.
  • Support the KM Supervisor and provide all supplies needed for their responsibilities. 
  • Manage classroom ratios in the check-in area.
  • Learn tech systems for the Assembly Rooms to set up before service and offer assistance when needed. 

Sunday Tasks:

1) To Open: 

  • Pick up donut holes for Volunteers on your way into church.
  • Set up all iPad stations by 8 am. 
  • Run checks to be sure all are fully operational. 
  • Start Large Group computers, and ensure teaching slides are downloaded and available. 
  • Make coffee in the Volunteer Lounge, and set up a coffee station.

2) Distribute walkie talkies before service and collect them to place in charging stations after last service.

3) Place each class attendance sheet in the appropriate room before each service. 

4) After check-in, complete any printing requests from Kids Ministry Associate during the first service.

5) Train new check-in volunteers as needed. 

6) Close all Check in systems at noon except for one iPad to leave open in case of missing name tag. 

7) To Close: 

  • Power down, plug in, wipe down and cover iPad stations. 
  • Collect all rosters for records
  • Clean pens used for sign out area. 
  • Turn off monitors outside the nursery, in the hallway and mom/baby room. 
  • Turn off the TV in the hallway. 
  • Remove Lost and Found from Check-In area to the workroom

Weekday Responsibilities May include:

  • Taking stock of classroom supplies and re-order when necessary
  • Assess large group classrooms, organize games, and discard broken toys.
  • Taking note of any broken furniture etc to be communicated to KM Associate for repairs
  • Printing and preparation of Big Picture cards each week
  • Being available to support special events like Pine Cove and Faith Explorers
  • Ordering food and supplies for meetings and training
  • Collaboration with Kids Ministry staff and volunteers for special events, volunteer appreciation, and promotions.

expected hours

  • Sundays: 7:30 am-12:45 pm
  • Additional 2.5 hours during the week as necessary. 
  • Time to attend 2nd service to be determined with the Kids Ministry Associate on a weekly basis. 

To Apply

Contact Megan McArthur, Kids Ministry Associate: megan@biblechurch.org.